name:DR 铜

Suitable for forging, stamping, rolling, car processing, welding and other forming processes, polishing, electroplating effect is good, a large number of high-grade plumbing, sanitary ware, valves

DR copper, that is, anti-dezincification brass, is able to control the copper alloy which is easy to be de-zinced or de-zinced in a corrosive environment and has a zinc content of more than has a very high anti-dezincification performance through the appropriate chemical composition control and the appropriate technological control, and can reach the standard through the anti-dezincification test (AS2345). For single-phase brass, a very small amount of arsenic is usually added to inhibit the lustrum corrosion so that it has a very high performance of resistance to zinc removal. For two-phase brass, in addition to a very small amount of arsenic, it is also necessary to carefully control the chemical composition and appropriate process to obtain the performance of resistance to zinc removal.

After many years of mass production and technological process research and development, the company has developed mature DR copper production technology, to ensure that it has very high resistance to zinc removal performance, and has good cutting performance.

DR brass ingot, tube, rod production application of fusion casting - extrusion - stretch production technology, tube bar metal to high density, metal microstructure uniform and fine, mechanical properties and various process performance is excellent, fine surface quality, good polishing, good electroplating performance.

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